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      HZY6 Brake Fluid


      客服熱線 400-103-0301

      This product uses a new type of ester synthesis technology, and its performance meets and exceeds GB12981 HZY6, ISO4925 class6 and JIS K 2233 class6 standards.

      Product performance:

      1.Excellent high-temperature anti-air-blocking performance, with a dry-wet equilibrium reflow boiling point which is far exceeding the standard requirements, meeting the use requirements for vehicle in hot seasons and mountainous areas, and maintaining a constant brake pressure transmission;

      2.Good low-temperature flow performance, effectively shorten the responsetime for brake disk, and ensure that the vehicle can brake flexibly under low-temperature conditions;

      3.It has good rust resistance, lubricity, chemical stability, rubber adaptability and compatibility with various materials of the braking system, providing comprehensive and reliable protection for the braking system;

      4.Excellent thermal stability, long service life, it can be mixed with various synthetic brake fluids.


      Suitable for all types of vehicles, especially medium to high-end vehicles equipped with ABS, ESP, ASC + T, and ASR systems.

      Safety alert:

      1.The brake fluid must be filled according to the recommendations and requirements of the vehicle manufacturer;

      2.The brake fluid must be kept clean to prevent brake failure or increase vehicle maintenance costs caused by dust, water or other material pollution;

      3.This product must be stored in its original packaging, and the packaging must be kept clean and sealed. It is forbidden to add or mix other liquids;

      4.This product is a non-flammable dangerous product, and it has irritating effects on eyes and skin. Immediately flush with water when contacted.

      5.This product has an erosive effect on paint. It is forbidden for children to contact, drink. Please seal and protect it from light.

      The company has passed CQC certification and ISO 9001

      Executive standard: GB12981

      Shelf life: 3 years (unopened)

      Please see the production date from the can.

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